Monday, December 15, 2008

From the Photo Archives - Battle of Villers Bocage in 15mm

I was digging through my photo archive and stumbled accross some photos from a Command Decision game based on the Battle of Villers Bocage that Brigadista and I played earlier this year.  The scenario came from Bob Mackenzie's excellent Command Decision website.

You might not expect Villers Bocage to give a good game, but this scenario certainly did.  In fact, of all the Command Decision games Brigadista and I played this year, this was my favorite.

Here's the scene as Wittman's Tiger bursts through the bocage, surprising a British mortor company and an armoured squadron from 7th Armoured Division.  I love this picture.

Here's the same scene from the reverse angle.  The tank is the headquarters troop of 4th County of London Yeomanry.  It would become a flaming wreck a few seconds after this picture was taken.

Here are the results a quick German dash up a road in the bocage against waiting British tanks - this action saved the British from defeat in the scenario.

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