Friday, February 27, 2009

28mm French and Indian War Canadian Militia

As I mentioned previously, we've been playing 28mm French and Indian War games using figures mainly from the Brigadista's collection.  I decided to contribute something by painting up some Old Glory Canadian militia I had laying around.  In addition to the militia figures, I mixed in some random Courier de Bois figures to give the unit a bit more variety.

These figures are not Old Glory's best.  It appears that some of them got a little squashed while the molds were being made.  In addition, some of the faces look a little undead-ish.  As in, "The dead have risen and joined the Canadian Militia!"  Just the thing to scare the bejesus out of some New Englanders.  (Especially the Brigadista's fictional provincial unit, the Arkham Volunteers.)  Still, I think the figures look good enough on the table for a wargame.  Like all Old Glory figures, they have a pleasing energetic look about them.

I chose drab colors for most of the figures, although many are in white shirts.  I painted all of the toques (funny knit hats) red to indicate that the units are from Quebec.  I have only one source that says this was done, but in any case it looks good on the table and gives the figures a degree of uniformity.

The Wilderness Wars rules we use are flexible in terms of unit sizes.  Typically these figures will be fielded as two units of four stands each, but they could be used as a single unit of six or eight stands as well.

These guys are going to get their baptism of fire tomorrow at Recon, the local quarterly mini-con, in a game the Brigadista and I will be running.  Hopefully they will stand their ground and shoot down hordes of redcoats.


Alfred T. Mahan said...

Pshaw. Like undead Catholic Quebecois would affright upright, pious New Englanders in the throes of the Great Awakening. The Brigadista need only throw in a Jonathan Edwards figure, and send your undead heathen oozing back to their moldering graves...

Alfred T. Mahan said...

Incidentally, the word verification for that last comment was "mahansez". Coincidence? I think not. :]

Brigadista said...

As it happens, the Arkham volunteers are commanded by Rev. Whipple. I don't know who makes that preacher figure, but it sure worked out nice!