Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I'm Working On

Despite the lack of posts, I have been gaming and painting.

Currently I'm working on two units of 28mm Old Glory Canadian militia for the French and Indian War.  The Brigadista has a decent sized collection for this conflict and I'm trying to round out one of the gaps in his forces.  The Old Glory French and Indian War range is mostly good, but the Canadian militia figures are poor.  Most of the them have squashed heads, maybe as result of some problem that occurred when they were making the molds.  In the end I think they will look OK on the table and I guess that is the main thing.

The local crew has been playing the Wilderness Wars rules for this period.  They work well and give a fun game.  Brigadista and I will be running a game at the upcoming Recon convention next weekend.

I've been continuing with my 15mm KNIL forces.  I've completed an infantry battalion, but I've stalled on vehicles and Australian reinforcements.  My interest has drifted to horse and musket periods a little, which has stalled my progress on this project.  Never fear, my attention will wander back to them shortly I'm sure.

Brigadista and I were planning another game of John Prados Third Reich, but we haven't gotten going yet.  The problem is that some others were interested in joining us, but now we haven't been able to coordinate schedules.  Hopefully we'll get rolling soon.

I'll be posting shortly with pictures of some of my completed work.

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