Monday, December 8, 2008

Some Vehicles for the Scruttockshires

Next up is an assortment of vehicles used by the Scruttockshires.  Being that they are British, they have lots of carriers.  Not all are shown here.  All vehicles are from Battlefront/Flames of War.

Here's the mortar carrier for the battalion's 3" mortar:

Here's the recon carrier:

Here's an M5 halftrack for those times when the Scruttockshires masquerade as a motor battalion.

Here's the Colonel in his jeep:

One frustration I've had the Battlefront vehicles is that all of the passengers are wearing plain tin hats, while my dismounted troops all have camoflage netting on their helmets.  I'm able to sleep at night by imagining that the little fellows switch helmets whenever they get out of their vehicles.

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